Back-of-Book Indexing

Back-of-book indexing may seem to be a matter of picking out a few keywords from the text and shoving them into an index. In reality, software can do this! However, one difficulty the software has is finding terms that are not in the document. This is where the human indexer becomes useful.

Master Indexing can provide the following book indexing and related services:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary textbooks
  • Technical documents and reports
  • Manuals, including computer manuals
  • Annual reports
  • Conference proceedings
  • Indexing across a broad range of subject disciplines including biological and physical sciences; health/medical sciences; botany; zoology; geology; meteorology; oceanography; agriculture; mathematics; business; accounting; social sciences; Indigenous peoples; art; history; education; environment; travel; philosophy; linguistics; sports; archaeology; geography; commerce; information systems/technology; and
  • Indexing can be done to suit almost any style.

Master Indexing has created in excess of 1500 book indexes, so is well credentialed to handle any indexing task presented.