Macrex Indexing Software

Macrex is a computer program designed to assist the back-of-book indexer working from printed proofs, text on disk, the author's manuscript, or an existing book.

The index is created as a completely independent document; it is not constructed by tagging or otherwise marking up the text. The purpose of Macrex is to help indexers improve consistency and increase productivity by automating routine tasks (sorting, printing, repagination, etc.), leaving the indexer free to concentrate on the wording and construction of the index entries.


Macrex has been under continuous development by Drusilla and Hilary Calvert for over twenty years. It has been written in close collaboration with users, who include indexers in academic institutions, government departments, business and industrial concerns, and publishing companies world-wide, as well as freelance indexers and authors. Macrex is used to prepare the indexes for some of the world's leading books and journals. It is used extensively by members of the Society of Indexers (UK), as well as indexers in the United States, Canada and Australia.


Master Indexing is the agent for Macrex in Australia, New Zealand and the south-east Asian region. For information about pricing, functionality or answers to additional questions, please contact Master Indexing.